Unforgettable Road Trips

Unforgettable Road Trips

There’s something special about a road trip. It allows you to journey at your own pace and gives you access to locations you might otherwise miss. While being in a remote land all on your own might seem scary, it is usually the most freeing and the best way to see and truly experience a destination. There are many unforgettable road trips around the world.

Route 66, USA
Route 66 became popular in the mid-1920s as the first all-weather highway in the country linking Los Angeles and Chicago. It spans over 2,400 miles and offers a lot of things to explore along the way. This is one of the most popular routes in the world as it goes straight through the heart of America crossing over three time zones and eight states. Route 66 will take you through natural and historic landmarks in the southern half of USA, including the Grand Canyon, The Painted Desert, Mojave Desert, the Ozarks, and more.

Great Ocean Road, Australia
If you want to explore Australia, then it is highly recommended that you drive down Great Ocean Road. This famous, expansive stretch of coast will take you along some of the most stunning landscapes of Australia, including London Arch, Great Otway National Park, 12 Apostles, and more. The entire drive is about 250 miles and it extends to the southernmost point of the continent. Be sure to extend your getaway and stay at one of southern Australia’s hotels or vacation rentals to indulge in a truly unique and memorable outdoor retreat.

Ring Road, Iceland
If you have ever dreamt about exploring the stunning geysers and waterfalls of Iceland, then Ring Road is the best way to see it all. It is a 12 to 13 hours road trip. However, it generally takes about a week to complete depending on conditions. There are several routes to choose from. Route one is recommended as it is the longest (800 miles). Your journey will most likely begin in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. The road trip will take you hiking, glacier walking, whale-watching, and so much more.

West Coast and Milford Sound, New Zealand
West Coast is one of the best regions in New Zealand and there is no better to enjoy it than via a road trip. West Coast road trip is a multi-day adventure that stretches all the way from Punakaiki to Lake Wanaka. You will see and do a wide variety of incredible things on this epic road trip. Some of the best landmarks include Haast Pass, Pancake Rocks, Lake Matheson, Thunder Creek Falls, and the Blue Pools.

There is another road trip that is very popular when it comes to enjoying the scenic beauty of New Zealand: the breathtaking drive to Milford Sound. Lush green rainforests, jagged crags, towering peaks, and sweeping valley bear witness to the many adventures available along the Milford Road.

In conclusion, there are few things more refreshing and memorable than exploring a road alongside a stunning landscape. While there are many iconic road trips in the world, the above-listed are the most amazing in terms of navigation, beauty, and pure experience.

Photos by: Julia Volk, Enric Cruz, Pat Whelen, Tim Trad, Marjorie Teo, Geoff Byron

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