The World’s Most Beautiful Streets

The World’s Most Beautiful Streets

From the amazing historical architecture to colorful charm, scenic surroundings, and more, the world is filled with beautiful streets that inspire and captivate travelers from virtually everywhere. Some of these streets are characterized by their appealing nature, making them one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Following are the most attractive and beautiful streets that are worth traveling to see.

The Philosopher’s Walk (Kyoto)
Seeing the beautiful trees in bloom is one of the key activities that every visitor must do in Japan. Fortunately, there are a lot of opportunities to do it. One of them is The Philosopher’s Walk in Kyoto. It is a pleasant stone path situated in the northern part of the Higashiyama district. The Philosopher’s Walk runs next to a canal between Nanzen-Ji and Ginkaku-Ji. While there are many attractions here, the main highlight of the street is the abundance of cherry trees that decorate both of its banks. Visiting this beautiful street in the cherry blossom season (early April) is highly recommended.

Umbrella Sky Project (Agueda in Portugal)
The Umbrella Sky Project in Agueda is a part of the city’s yearly AgitAgueda Art Festival. It started in 2011 and since then, a variety of colorful umbrellas are set up above the handful of the city’s narrow streets every year during the summer season. The goal is to provide shade to pedestrians when temperatures soar. The umbrellas are set up from July to September. If you visit in December, you can even catch the spectacular view of the umbrellas getting illuminated with fairy lights.

Chefchaouen (Morocco)
Commonly referred to as the “Blue Pearl of Morocco”, Chefchaouen is characterized by its blue walls. This architectural gem attracts many visitors from around the globe. Founded in 1471, Chefchaouen was once a fortress for exiles from Spain. A lot of Jews moved to this city over the years and brought with them the ancient belief that using blue color would remind people of the power of the God. For a colorful experience, it is recommended that you stroll down streets like Rue Autiui, Al Hassan Onsar, and the narrow stairs that lead up/down Rue Bin Souaki.

Mykonos Old Town (Greece)
The Mykonos Old Town in Greece has become a mecca for travelers and it’s not surprising why. The first sight you take at this town will likely take you aback instantly. It’s narrow cobblestone streets are worth exploring again and again. The white concrete cements cobblestone walkways of the Mykonos Town. Houses and shops are awash in milky white paint while all the wooden doors, windows, and balconies are coated in blue. Such celestial tones provide an amazing view and experience that you will cherish for years.

Whether it’s for their vibrant feel, unique character, picturesque charm, or historical significance, the world’s most beautiful streets make tourists stop and admire their surroundings. If you are looking for the vivid, stunning streets to photograph, the above-listed recommendations are sure to have you packing your bags.

Photos by: Jaanus Jagomagi, Evgeny Tchebotarev, Ricardo Resende, Lindsey Lamont, Woody van der Straeten

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