The Ultimate Guide to Moonstone

The Ultimate Guide to Moonstone

Moonstone is one of the loveliest gemstones found on earth that presents a cloudy and glittering appearance. It is characterized by adularescence that is responsible for its compelling and almost transparent nature. Moonstone is associated with factors like renewal, calmness, emotional intelligence, luck, and abundance and it has a history of deep admiration from different cultures as well as eccentric popularity among the followers of various social classes and art movements.

Origin and Supply of Moonstone
As part of the feldspars mineral family, moonstone occurs in various parts of the planet. It ranges from colorless to blue, brown, green, yellow, grey, pink, and peach. Siri Lanka is where the valuable and high prized Blue Moonstone comes from. Rainbow moonstones are also quite valuable. They come from India. Other historically moonstone mines are in Madagascar, Tanzania, Australia, Germany, USA, Brazil, Norway, and Myanmar.

Moonstone Meaning
Energization, spiritualization, self-development, and purification are the primary aspects associated with moonstone. It supports inner growth and strength. Basically, everything that is good for rediscovering, empowering, and healing one’s inner self is what this stone is all about. So, its meaning can be attributed to ‘new beginnings’ for a person. According to Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism, moonstone is linked to second, sixth, and seventh chakras.
Over the centuries, the meaning of moonstone hasn’t seen much of a paradigm shift except only that its value is now equally placed on health and showiness value along with its spiritual meaning.

Moonstone Properties
As mentioned above, moonstone belongs to the feldspar mineral family, which makes up most of the earth’s crust. Orthoclase and albite are the two types of feldspar that combine and make up moonstone. The combination of these two minerals produce layers that are flat and thin. It is the way these elements refract sunlight as well as their layering, that create the adularescence effect for which moonstones are popular for.
Because of its beauty and shimmer, moonstone is one of favorite stones used in mediation. It chimes in with the biorhythms and internal energy of the wearer, so it is a stone meant to calm and reorganize the energy and vibrations in people.

Moonstone Healing Benefits
Since prehistoric times, moonstone’s healing benefits have been acknowledged by many ethnicities and cultures. The number of healing benefits offered by moonstone can be overwhelming. So, a categorized list of benefits has been given below:
• Vehicle to Growth: An individual who wears this gemstone enjoys a surge in psychic talents and creativity as well as improved intuition which contribute to the development of professional skills, personality, and hence productivity.
• Bringer of Daily Wellbeing: The link of moonstone to the moon brings you the calmness and serenity required for emotional wellness.
• Women’s Stone: The powers of this stone are often perceived with the enhancement of emotional balance by allowing a woman to control her negative energies.
• Healer of Diseases: The usefulness of moonstone is associated with disorders and problems specific to one’s liver, spleen, stomach, and pancreas.
• Companion in Hard Times: As mentioned above, the meaning of moonstone can be attributed to ‘new beginnings’. So, it’s ideal for anyone who thinks that their world has ended.

Moonstone – The Traveler’s Stone
Moonstone is also commonly referred to as the Traveler’s Stone. Travelers are told to keep this gemstone with them to protect their journeys. It is a stone of inner strength and growth and is often worn or carried by someone who is looking for a new beginning, and it has the effect of soothing emotional instability, hence offering the wearer a calm outlook on life.

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