The Best Plants for Your Office

The Best Plants for Your Office

An indoor desk plant is an excellent way to add refreshing personality and color to an office space. And in addition to looking good, it could bring a wide range of others benefits to your working day as well. The workplace today is moving further and further away from nature. Bringing nature into office in the form of plants creates an environment where you can connect with the outside world. Not sure which plant to get for your office? Here are some recommendations.

African Violet
African Violets rank as one of the best office plants due to their cheerful purple flowers and their forgiving nature. It is a very beautiful plant with purple flowers and deep green foliage. It thrives in indirect, bright sunlight, and does well on slightly moist to dry soil. This means if you forget to water it on the weekend, it will forgive you. African Violets thrive well in the same humidity and temperature levels that you like.

English Ivy
English Ivy is one of the best plants available for office due to its durability and the fact that you can grow it in traditional pots, water, or in hanging containers. English Ivy can climb or trail, and it likes bright to low light. Consistent temperatures are ideal for this plant – those with no low or high fluctuations, and it likes to be consistently moist as well. English Ivy is a popular choice for sunny offices.

Sansevieria is an incredibly versatile and almost indestructible indoor plant. It has an architectural, upright, and bold look that will suit minimalist or modern office styles. The plant can survive in both stale, dry air, as well as highly humid environments. Furthermore, it can tolerate both high and low temperatures. If you are not sure which plant to get for your office, Sansevieria would be a great choice to meet virtually all your needs.

Aloe Vera is a slightly larger plant that grows fleshy, large leaves. This plant thrives in indirect, bright light, and it can do well under fluorescent lighting of an office. It also requires little maintenance; you only need to water it once every 2-3 weeks deeply and allow it to dry between watering sessions. Given the right conditions, Aloe Vera can grow large and as long as it gets enough light, this office plant is very forgiving.

Oxalis is recommended for anyone who wants to add a splash of royal purple coloring to their workspace. This plant comes in wide range of colors. It flourishes on bright direct or indirect sunlight and requires watering every two weeks. It also does well in all humidity levels. The leaves of Oxalis tend to droop in the night and perk up again in the sunlight the next day.

If you are struggling to stay motivated at work, adding some greenery may be just what you need. The above-listed are some of the plants that are ideal to be kept in an office. Choose the ones that best suit your preferences.

Photos by: Katka Pavlickova, sixteen miles out, Kulbir, Noyo Plantes, Dominik Roseclay, Susan Wilkinson

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