The Best Countries for Solo Travelers

The Best Countries for Solo Travelers

Taking a solo trip is one of the most powerful ways to explore new places. Solo traveling comes with a number of key benefits that make it fun and interesting to embark on. If solo traveling is on your bucket list, then you will be glad to know that there are many travel destinations suitable for you. Whether you are a seasoned solo traveler looking for new places to explore or someone who is curious about taking a journey alone, the following countries are great places to start.

Spain is one of the best countries for solo travelers. It offers a little bit of everything to please everyone: jaw-dropping hikes, an exciting nightlife scene, stunning beaches, delicious food, gorgeous architecture, and art museums. Spain is also popular for its vibrant and distinct culture. You can spend hours engaging in any of the above-mentioned Spanish activities and never get bored. There are so many things to do for solo travelers here. The cities and the terrain are diverse throughout the country.

Greece is another country that is considered one of the best travel destinations for solo tourists. Apart from its sun-drenched beaches and sparkling waters, mainland Greece and its islands tempt visitors with mountainous landscapes and fishing villages which urge you to ready your hiking boots and start exploring. The local people in the country are very friendly. They welcome travelers warmly and are always willing to help. So, if you travel to this country alone, you won’t have to worry about feeling like the odd one out.

Although some parts of Mexico aren’t suitable for traveling alone, most of the country is very solo traveler-friendly. Mexico City is one key example of such places. It is an exceptional destination for anyone traveling on their own. Overall, the country is a welcoming place for tourists, expats, and university students alike. There’s always a fun vibe and lots of new people to meet. Do visit the Yucatan Peninsula if you are a backpacker looking for an adventure.

Thanks to its well-mannered people and overall safe reputation, Switzerland has become a top choice for solo travelers. The country is known for its stunning beauty and there are several ways to explore it. While there, it is highly recommended that you consider staying in the pedestrian-friendly, impressive city of Zurich or head south to the Lake Geneva shores for museums, nightlife, and restaurants.

Both men and women traveling alone can do safely in the stunning country that is Iceland. It is well-known for its craggy volcanic landscape, steaming geysers, and thundering waterfalls. If you are a nature lover, then you will be in heaven with various opportunities to explore active volcanoes, epic fjords, black sand beaches, and even sleep under the Northern Lights. While Iceland is on the more expensive side, it continues to be one of the top solo traveler-friendly destinations in the world due to how easy it is to get around safely as a tourist.

Solo travel may be intimidating, but it’s certainly a unique and rewarding experience that will quench your soul’s deepest desires and help you grow as a person. If solo traveling is part of your new year resolution for 2021, do consider visiting any of the above-listed top destinations.

Photos by: Riccardo Bresciani, Jonas Hoss, Gaetano Cessati, Bhargava Marripati, Ricardo Gomez, Jonatan Pie

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