Start Your Indoor Plant Collection

Start Your Indoor Plant Collection

Apart from their mood-enhancing qualities, indoor plants with their vivid shades can brighten up any space. If you want to start your indoor plant collection and you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry; it is not that hard to learn how to grow indoor plants. All you need to do is follow some simple guidelines.

Be Patient and Take Time to Prepare
The first step is to take your time to evaluate your space and research which plants are best for it. There are several other factors you will need to consider. For instance, if you have pets, you will need to make sure that you get the plants that aren’t toxic to them. If you travel often, then you will need to avoid the plant varieties that need more precise water schedules. Gaining a good working knowledge of keeping indoor plants alive is also very important.

Figure Out What Your Plants Will Live in
Once you get some plants for your indoor plant collection, don’t repot them for at least a month. During that time, research future homes for them. The clay pots are a common choice as they offer better protection against varying temperatures, but they require more frequent watering since they are very porous and dry the soil out faster. Plastic pots on the other hand, are relatively more flexible. They are lighter and hold more moisture. No matter which ones you choose, it is recommended that you make sure they have drainage holes to keep your plants healthy and their roots dry.

When it’s Time, Repot and Choose the Right Soil
Plants are not meant to live in the pots they are sold in. Once their roots overgrow their pots, it is time for a new home. Not only does repotting allow the plants to sustain the size that they are grown into, but it also offers room for them to grow bigger.

Resist the Urge to Overwater
Overwatering is one of the biggest obstacles to being a successful plant parent. Be careful not to drown your plants. Keep in mind that indoor plants generally don’t need as much water as you think. Most of them prefer to be dry between watering. So, make sure to wait until the soil is on the dry side then water accordingly.

Get the Light Just Right
While direct sunlight is ideal for flowering plants, succulents, and cactuses, there are certain plants that thrive off less sunlight. For example, ZZ, Calatheas, and Pothos are ideal for areas that never receive direct sunlight. So, it is recommended that you try out different locations to see which works best for your plants.

Prune Your Plants to Keep Them Growing
Maintain the shape of your plants by pruning them. This will also help ensure that your plants are kept at a certain size. At the start of growing season, check the plants to pick out any stems or leaves that are visibly damaged, dried out, or yellow. Try to keep as much of the healthy leaves and stems intact as possible.
Final advice: don’t treat your plants like furniture. If you think of your plants as living things, you will be more successful with them.

Photos by: Vadim Kaipov, Fabio Hanashiro, Amy Chen, Valeria Ushakova,  Huy Phan, Karolina Grabowska

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