Simple Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

Simple Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home. From cooking and eating to spending time with your family, your kitchen is well-loved and lived in. But when it comes to upgrading, it is one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. Not to mention a full kitchen remodel can take a long time to complete. The good news is there a number of simple ways to help you refresh your kitchen without a total overhaul. Following are some recommendations.

Nothing can refresh a room like indoor plants. There are several benefits of indoor plants – they help purify and filter the air, look beautiful, and reduce stress – so adding a touch of green to your kitchen is a simple and quick way to elevate the space.
If you have never been a plant parent before, don’t worry, there are many faux options available that require no maintenance and look realistic as well. Investing in potted herbs is another excellent way to inject some green into your kitchen. They look gorgeous by the sink or window and double as cooking ingredients.

Add Canisters
Using good-looking, everyday items is one of the easiest ways to refresh your kitchen. One such recommended item are canisters. Simply free up your valuable cabinet space by putting the ingredients that you often use into attractive canisters and displaying them on your counter. Not only will this make your kitchen feel fresh, but it will also provide easy access to your most used ingredients like sugar and flour. Don’t forget to decorate the canisters with different colors or use a matching set of canisters to spice up your kitchen.

If you love art but you almost exclusively hang it in your dining or living space, then it is highly recommended that you consider adding it to your kitchen to refresh its overall look and feel. You don’t need to choose the expensive Renaissance art for this purpose. You can give your kitchen a fresh look by simply choosing affordable artworks. There are many sites that offer cheaper artworks. Once you have got your favorite artworks, all you will need to do is invest in an attractive frame to match the theme of your kitchen.

Paint a Wall or the Cabinets
Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. A new wall color always feels like a new change and it can be done with minimal supplies, making painting one of the most cost-effective ways to refresh your kitchen space. Apart from your kitchen walls, it is also recommended that you consider repainting your cabinets. Another way to refresh your kitchen is to create open shelves by eliminating cabinet door fronts altogether. Also, you don’t really need to repaint every single cabinet in your kitchen if you don’t want to. Focusing on a central piece, e.g. a kitchen island, would be sufficient.

You may have visions of your dream kitchen, but the time and budget do not always allow a full-fledged renovation. Follow the above-listed ways to satisfy your urge to refresh your kitchen.

Photos by: Watermark Designs,  Polina Kovaleva, Uliana Kopanytsia, Naomi Hebert, Kam Idris

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