Simple Steps to Adopt a Boho Style

Simple Steps to Adopt a Boho Style

Boho style is everywhere these days and to the average person, it may seem very difficult to achieve. However, in most cases, adopting a boho style is easy no matter whether the look you are going for is simple or extravagant. All you need to do is make sure that you don’t go overboard. Boho style incorporates a number of different things. If you are new to this, don’t worry. There are guidelines that can help you. Following are some simple steps to adopt a boho style.

Choose Long Skirts and Boho Dresses
Achieving an oversized silhouette is key to conquering boho style. Long skirts and boho dresses featuring floral or paisley prints are the top choices for this purpose as they truly speak bohemian style. Don’t be afraid to show a bit of skin whether it be legs or arms to stop you looking too frumpy. Also, make sure your dress is free-flowing and it doesn’t feel baggy. Focus on proportion particularly if you have a petite frame.

Dare to Wear the Flared Jeans
Comfortable and flattering are the defining qualities of flared jeans. So, if you are going for the modern boho look, then these items are a must-have. Flared jeans are highly versatile as you can wear them with basically anything from tank tops to peasant blouses and more. On days when you wear these with a tank top, be sure to also wear a crochet vest over it to truly create a bohemian vibe.

Try to Mix Prints
Boho style is all about artistic expression. It involves lots of funky prints that are free-flowing, colorful, and wild. If you want to embrace your boho side, look for pieces that feature vibrant, eye-catching prints in various colors. You can either choose to go vintage or choose a more modern interpretation of the boho style but make sure that you mix the prints and create an attire that brings all the elements together.

Go for Boho Tunics and Blouses
While the traditional boho style focuses on an elegant, free-flowing head-to-toe look, nowadays many individuals prefer to wear a range of tunics and blouses with their boho skirts to create unique looks from just a few pieces. For instance, you can pair a colorful paisley maxi skirt with a gray or white boho tunic or blouse. Fringe tops are also a great choice particularly if you are looking for a bit more of an edgy vibe.

Embrace Natural Fabrics and Colors
Keeping it looking natural is the core component of bohemian fashion. Make sure that your fabrics look natural. Think furs, suedes, silks, denims, linens, and cotton. Avoid polyesters and nylons. You should also avoid colors that look artificial, e.g. intense reds or neon greens. Choose colors that remind you of the earth, e.g. leafy greens, muddy browns, and pastel colors.
Boho style is an excellent way to express yourself while creating an attire that’s comfortable for you. Don’t hesitate to experiment when adopting a boho style because this style isn’t about rules. It is about being who you are, showing what you love, and creating a comfortable and relaxing look.

Photos by: Amelia Bartlett, Anna Kanifatova, Jasmin Chew, Brooke Cagle, Nicole Ger, Allison Heine

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