Reasons to Support Small Businesses

Reasons to Support Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of a community. Not only do they make our lives more convenient, but they are also essential to our communities and the nation in general. They are the most critical component of our society and economy, yet the most vulnerable. Small businesses face many challenges. Supporting these businesses helps them tackle these difficulties as well as offers many key benefits. So, if you have ever wanted to make a statement about helping a small, local business, now is the time to do it.
Following are 4 reasons to support small businesses:

Creating Community Relations
Small businesses help members of the community with more employment opportunities. They also tend to support other small businesses; they generally go to other small businesses to buy services and materials to support their own business. In this way, they build community relations and help the community prosper. Not to mention, when you buy the products/services of a small business, that tax money stays in the community. This means you help to fund local community improvement projects. All in all, small businesses support the local economy which is a key factor that differentiates them from large enterprises.

Helping the Environment
Since small businesses have low embodied energy and they source all their products from local suppliers, they tend to have a small carbon footprint as compared to larger companies. This is particularly true of operations like farms. Locally produced foods and goods don’t have to take such big trips, hence significantly reducing the carbon footprint. Also, since these businesses are located inside the down, they are more accessible. This means people are more likely to walk or cycle to get there – doing their part to reduce traffic, reduce air pollution, and improve the quality of the country’s high streets.

Personalized Customer Service
Small businesses rely on positive interactions to spread the word about them. So, they treasure all their customer relationships. They take time for friendly and personal customer service. People working at small businesses are genuinely interested in getting to know their valued customers, who are supporting the community that they serve. Most owners will be eager to answer all your questions and work with you to find the best service/product for you. Since customers support their dream, small businesses want to offer them a positive, personalized customer service every time.

Empowering the Next Generation
Small businesses play a key role of training and empowering the next generation by offering them mentorship opportunities and ways to step into professional life. Virtually everyone gets their start at a small business. These businesses help the next generation learn the basic skills of the workforce. So, by supporting these businesses, you basically allow them to create such opportunities.

In conclusion, supporting small businesses is important as it encourages the sustainability and health of your local community. It is a win-win situation for everyone. You, as a customer, get the best buying experience, the business owners get their livelihood, and the community gets the taxes.

Photos by: Ketut Subiyanto, Matthew Henry, Nicole De Khors, Brodie Vissers, Andrea Piacquadio

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