Investigation: Labradorite

Investigation: Labradorite

Labradorite is a powerful, protective spirit stone. It has several collective layers of color that refract the light. It is commonly known as Labradorescence. The refracted light emits shades of peacock blues, pale blues, golds, and even sparks of coppery red. This stone is often used for spiritual development, mediumship, meditation, and reaching a higher level of intuition.

Origin and Supply of Labradorite
Labradorite was first discovered in Labrador in the 1770s. Labrador is a north-eastern Canadian region. This stone is widely found in the area called Paul’s Island, near Nian. It is also commonly found in Slovakia, Australia, USA, China, Madagascar, Finland, and Norway.

Labradorite Meaning
Labradorite is referred to as the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom. With its aura, it strengthens natural energies within your mental and physical body. Its healing properties are linked with the crown chakra, which is the energy center that governs higher levels of the spirit and mind as well as the spiritual expansion.
Part of the power of this stone comes from the iridescent flashes of light within it. Although Labradorite can look quite dreary and grey at some angles, when you catch the spectacular flash, you can see the light within the darkness. Labradorite helps you adopt a similar perspective on life. Although there are times in life that are dark and finding the light seems difficult, the stone reminds you that the light is always there and once you find it, the possibilities are endless.

Labradorite Properties
Labradorite is the ideal stone to embrace yourself and become the person that you have always destined to be. Its properties include (but not limited to) the following:
• Labradorite will keep you safe and grounded while helping you expand the reach of your sixth sense.
• The stone will let happy synchronicity and coincidence flow in your life.
• It will sharpen your intuition and allow for good decision making and timing.
• Labradorite will help promote spiritual growth and boost your abilities.
• It will help you accumulate positive energy.

Labradorite Benefits
Labradorite provides both physical and emotional healing benefits.

Physical Healing
Labradorite is helpful with gastrointestinal and respiratory infections. It alleviates discomfort. Many use this stone in treatment for the brain and eye disorders, as well as in reducing anxiety and stress, and in stimulating mental acuity.
Emotional Healing
If you are trying to let go of painful memories, then this stone can be really helpful. It will calm down your thoughts and help you deal with the loss or failure. Furthermore, you can also cleanse your aura with Labradorite meditations. With them, you will find yourself being more creative.

Labradorite – The Stone of Transformation
Exploring Labradorite is one of the several ways to tap into the metaphysical properties of spirit stones and experience their impact on life. This gemstone can help you connect with your spiritual self and cleanse away negative energy. It keeps your energy in balance and nourishes your chakra system. Even if you are just looking to experience a little more magic and serendipity in your life, spirit stones like Labradorite can help.

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