Ideas for a Cozy Home

Ideas for a Cozy Home

Whether you are kitting out a new bedroom, renting your first place, or moving into halls, it can be challenging to make sparse space feel like home, particularly if you cannot put holes in the walls or whip out a paint brush. Fortunately, there are lots of different ways to spruce up your home and make it feel warm and cozy, e.g. adding layer textures, wood décor, arranging furniture, etc. With that in mind, following are some ideas for a cozy home.

Layer Textures
Layers of soft, warm textures can make even a barren space feel like a cozy cabin. Basket weaves, chunky knits, and crisp white bedlinen are all it takes to transform an empty room into a snuggly retreat. Layers also add to the mood. It is recommended that you pair interesting textures for your pillows, sofas, and curtains to elevate the cozy. Wood accents, woven baskets, and even chunky cable knit pillows help to create a sense of coziness. Heavier weight textures in soft materials are an excellent addition to make a space feel warm and cozy.
It might take some trial and error with combination of textures, layers, and elements to find the right balance or mix for your particular taste. So, experiment by adding/subtracting items and then give yourself time to adjust to the new look and feel.

Use Wood at the Decoration
Placing wooden décor around the home is a great way to complement the space, whether it goes for the idea of trendy and chic or a subtle farmhouse-inspired theme. In cold weather, wooden decorations give a home a warming effect. Wood panels and flooring make more of an impact. Basically, there is no area of the house that doesn’t suit the finesse, comfort, richness, and warmth of wooden accents and décor. When it comes to making a home feel cozy, furniture plays an important role as well. Seating elements like sofas and armchairs can be a good place to start when making a space feel cozy and more inviting.

Use Candles for the Decoration
There is just something really inviting and warm about a space with the look of flickering candles in it. Using candles in the home sets a mood to a room, creates an intimacy, and makes guests feel really welcome. If you carefully place the candles with the right accessories and décor, they can really transform the look of any area in your house.
Candles are also an excellent way to set the seasonal tone in a home. Dark colored candles like forest, navy, or burgundy are ideal during the fall. And if you enjoy aromatic candles, then it is recommended that you use vanilla latte scented candles in the evenings to relax and unwind after a long day.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways to make a home feel cozy, warm, and inviting. Be sure to take your time when layering different elements of décor in your home. Don’t rush this process as creating a cozy home with different elements of décor takes a bit more of editing and tweaking than just buying a fully furnished copycat style from your local department store.

Photos by: Adrien Olichon, Micheile Henderson, Sarah Pflug

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