Huge Fashion Trends of This Summer

Huge Fashion Trends of This Summer

Fashion trends evolve with every season adopting the innovative practices and approaches from all around the globe. So naturally, there are some new, but also popular old methods to keep you looking amazing this summer. From color blocking to hair accessories, it’s time to pamper yourself with the best care for modern and fashionable style. Following are the huge beauty trends of this summer.

Color Blocking
Color blocking your look is the most fun way to show off your bright personality. It is all about taking multiple colors and blocking them throughout your clothing. It is one of the biggest trends of this summer. The perfect color blocking is done by putting together complimentary and interesting colors. It doesn’t have to be complex. You can be subtle by selecting monotone and pastel hues or be bold with eye-catchy colors, depending on your personal style and comfort level.

Orange is the New Black
Orange started trending a few years back and since then it has been the favorite of many fashion stylists and stars. Orange is the epitome of flamboyancy, vibrancy, and energy. This optimistic color can really brighten up your day. Printed dresses, wrap dresses, shorts, etc. – anything in this color will only brighten up your mood and event. You can also pair this trending color with white or black stilettos. It’s a perfect summer candy color you simply cannot go wrong with.

Hair Accessories
Hairstylists and designers at multiple shows made flowers a key part of the summer fashion this year. Florals are a classic summer trend that definitely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. A floral headband boasts the idea for the warm summer season, while still being suitable for everyday wear. Try out small floral clips throughout your hairstyle for a minimalist, understated look. For a more dramatic flair, you can weave strings of faux florals into your hairstyle.

The Wet Look
There is nothing like that just rinsed feel you get when you have stepped out of the shower. That’s why many influencers on social media have turned wet hair look into a beauty statement. The good news is, the wet hair look is easy to copy. You can slick the hair back for a dramatic look or simply wear your wet hair in easy waves. Keeping the look in place and hydrated is all about using the right hair products, e.g. mousse, pomade, or gel.

Many of the summer trends this year are about embracing the skin you are in and easy-to-do, fresh looks that are statement-making. Minimal makeup is still going very strong and it’s not surprising why; we want our skin to glow, show happiness and health, and to be no-fuss. It’s all about glowing, natural skin and the best thing you can do to make sure your skin is dewy is to stay hydrated and moisturize it regularly.
Whether you have woken up to a stunning clear blue sky or you are about to visit the sunny shore, it’s time to try out the hottest summer trends with above-listed recommendations.

Photos: cottonbro, Nicole De Khors, Cesar La Rosa

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