How to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation at Home

How to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation at Home

If you cannot travel because of financial reasons or something else, don’t worry. You can have a great summer vacation at home. This is commonly referred to as “staycation” and there are many ideas that can help make your staycation fun and memorable. There are a lot of things you can do in your home and create cherished memories without leaving the house.

Throw a Blanket Down in the Backyard and Have Yourself a Picnic
Set up a tent in the backyard or simply throw a blanket down to have a fun picnic day at home. You can also have a picnic night if you wish. Just make sure to pack citronella candles and mosquito repellent. Pack all your favorite snacks and drinks for a more authentic experience. To keep with the campout theme, snag a few bags of ice from the store and fill a cooler with drinks and food. You can also cook your meals on a grill or roast marshmallows if you are up to it.

Pitch a Tent and Sleep Under the Stars
If you are looking to a have quiet and peaceful summer vacation at home, then this is a great idea. Pitch a tent in your backyard at night and watch the stars. Stargazing is always a rich experience as long as you have clear skies and weather. To improve your stargazing experience, it is highly recommended that you download a relevant app (Stellarium, SkySafari, etc.) to learn about the name of the stars and constellations. When it’s time to sleep, use your tent and sleeping bag.

Mini Spa Day at Home
Consider a self-care summer vacation at home with a mini spa day. Draw a bubble bath and add some soothing essential oils, such as chamomile or lavender. Don’t forget to set up candles and soft music as they create an inviting experience. After the bath, warp yourself up in a luxurious, soft robe. This vacation is all about pampering yourself.

Take an Art Class, Virtual or Live
If you want to learn and practice art, then your staycation is a great way to do so. Unleash your artist within and do your art practice. Paint Easter eggs, make mosaics, create wall art, make candles, etc., the choices are virtually endless. If you want to hone your art skills or learn something new, take an online or live art class. You can find free classes on YouTube. Apart from this, there are many platforms that offer free art courses. So, be sure to take advantage of them.

Create a Foreign Country Theme Night
This is another great way to enjoy your summer vacation at home. Creating a foreign country theme night is fun and exciting. For instance, you can create a virtual Paris theme in your home and create a French fantasy-land within just a few steps. Set the scene by pretending you are French for the day. French people look quite chic so be sure to dress accordingly. Avoid flashy attire or neon colors and put on something simple yet semi-tailored. Minimal makeup is also recommended. Find a French meal to make or simply order it. Then set the table with flowers and linens. With the right setup, you will be transported to Paris, while staying home.

No matter what your summer vacation fantasy is, you can make it happen at your home. Using any of the above-listed ideas will help you to enjoy your staycation and create some of the best memories ever.

Photos by: Julia Volk, Esma Özer, Tatiana Syrikova, monstera, mart production, Polina Kovaleva

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