Hot Springs in Europe That Are Worth Visiting

Hot Springs in Europe That Are Worth Visiting

There’s nothing more relaxing than hitting up some hot springs, particularly on a winter vacation trip. Heated by nature and open to the public, there are many amazing hot springs in Europe that offer locals and travelers alike excellent place to go to unwind in the mineral-rich, warm waters. Most of these hot springs are even rumored to have various healing powers, providing relief for things like skin ailments, digestive issues, or achy bones. Following are some of the top hot springs in Europe that are worth visiting.

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland
The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s top tourist attractions. Located in the Reykjanes Peninsula on a lava field, The Blue Lagoon features mineral-rich, hot waters that feel just as good as they look. Tourists visit from all around the world to this stunning Iceland destination to soak in these waters that are full of natural sulfur and silica, which are known to soothe a wide range of skin conditions. So, on your trip to Iceland, be sure to visit The Blue Lagoon to unwind after exploring the country’s best natural wonders.

Terme di Saturnia, Tuscany, Italy
Located amid the gorgeous scenery of Tuscany, Terme id Saturnia are among the leading hot springs resorts of Italy. Said to have been created by Jupiter, the Roman god, these hot springs were once only available for Roman nobles. Nowadays, anyone can enter the soothing 99°F pools and waterfalls. Similar to most hot springs, the water here is high in sulfur. Regular bathers claim that these waters help everything from circulatory and digestive system to skin ailments and more.

Heviz Lake, Heviz, Hungary
Situated near Lake Balaton, Heviz is one of the largest thermal lakes in the world. Its hot springs are so powerful that they can change the sulfur- and radon-rich water every few days, hence keeping it constantly warm even in the winter season. There is a bathhouse on the lake, a hospital that offers various treatments derived from thermal waters, as well as several accommodation options for visitors who wish to take advantage of the various healing properties of Heviz Lake waters.

Bains de Dorres, Pyrenees, France
Located close to the Spanish border in the Pyrenees, Bains de Dorres dates back to Roman times and offers visitors the chance to unwind in water that is usually 98°F-104°F, surrounded by magnificent views of the valleys below from a 4,800 feet altitude. Both of these aspects make a great excuse for an extended stay so that you can immerse your body in these relaxing waters for hours on end while you enjoy the panoramas in front of you that look like a landscape painting.

Your holiday trip to Europe shouldn’t just be about enjoying the sunshine or seeing the sights. Next time you visit, it is recommended that you do something a bit different: soak in one of the above-listed relaxing hot springs and enjoy the pure indulgence we all need every now and then.

Photos by: Andy Wang, Jeff Sheldon, Kirsten Velghe, istockphoto, Pinterest

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