Fresh Your Room with Small Touches

Fresh Your Room with Small Touches

When you are thinking of refreshing the look of a room, you probably most often think of making significant changes. And, while some old-fashioned rooms sometimes require such a drastic approach, it’s possible to create an entire new look with simple, small touches. Any room, irrespective of how small or big it may be, can be refreshed in a very short period of time. Following are the top ways to refresh a room:

Rearrange Furniture
Sometimes rearranging some furniture is all that is needed to refresh the look of a room. Try something new, e.g. moving the couch away from the wall for a different seating arrangement or using an open bookshelf as a room divider. Using a space in a different way or simply opening it up can make it feel like a new room.

Add a Statement Wall
A statement wall – whether in the kitchen, dining room, living room, or bedroom – is an easy way to make a seemingly big change without much effort. Try to experiment with a new paint color, create a full gallery wall, or try prepasted wallpaper in a fun print to complement the rest of your décor.

Add Some Greenery
Plants can help make a room feel inviting and fresh. You don’t need to follow any rule of thumb to refresh your room with plants; simply choose the plants that thrive in the environmental conditions of your room. Don’t forget to consider how much sun the room gets, if the plants are safe for children and pets, and how much they will need to be watered.

Include a Statement Mirror
The great thing about mirrors is that they can make a small space appear much larger than it really is. So, if you have a small room, then it is recommended that you choose a mirror that can sit on the floor, hang from the wall, or one that can sit on top of furniture. You will be surprised at how spacious your room appears with this one small touch.

Replace the Rug
Rugs can tie a room together as they help define spaces and add warmth to the room. Make sure to choose the right size for the new rug. Experts agree that some of the flooring around the edges of the rug is fine, but there should be at least some of the furniture resting on the rug. With this simple hack, you will make sure that your rug is extra cushiony.

Refresh Accent Pieces
You can swap out some accent pieces for an easy redecoration. Replace your room blankets and throw pillows with new ones in a different print or color. Hang a new piece of artwork or try a new lamp. Change out dusty candles for seasonal, fresh scents and colors.

Update the Window Treatments
Refreshing a room can be as simple as giving the window treatments an update. When it comes to this, the options are nearly endless. You can replace vertical blinds with roman blinds or use sheer curtains to let in more sunlight.

Hopefully, the ideas listed above will help you open your room out and give it an entire new look and feel.

Photos by: Vlada Karpovich, Devon Janse van Rensburg, Huseyn Kamaladdin,  Designecologist, Elena Kloppenburg, Taryn Elliott, Marta Dzedyshko, Daria Shevtsova

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