Movies That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust

Movies That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust

Globetrotting might seem like a distant memory now that much of the world is in lockdown. But there is a decent way to cure that ever-growing wanderlust. Travel-inspired films show off the beauty of the world while telling amazing stories. Such films can help transport you physically, emotionally, and mentally. They tell beautiful fantasies as well as the real stories about the world.
Following are some top recommendations that will inspire and soothe your wanderlust.

Into the Wild
Life is not about possession, it’s about movement. If you wish to explore that dimension of life, then Into the Wild is the film for you. Based on a book “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer, this film shows the majestic scenery of the United States but it’s just as much a movie about endurance and survival in harsh conditions. It tells the true story of Christopher McCandless, who abandons his everyday life to go on a cross-country journey. Into the Wild is truly a film that will feed your wanderlust for adventure without creature comforts.

Under the Tuscan Sun
If you are a hopeless romantic, then Under the Tuscan Sun is the film for you. Based on 1996 memoir of Frances Mayes, the film tells the story of a divorced US writer who buys a Tuscan villa to start a new life. In her journey to change her life, Mayes meets some interesting characters who help her see that friendship and love break through all barriers, while proving that you can always start fresh as you build from the ground up. It is a beautiful movie that features stunning scenery, while filming on locations across Tuscany and various other Italian regions.

If roaming the romantic Paris streets is your idea of a perfect day, then Amelie is a highly recommended film for you. This film about a woman’s journey to joy and adventure will surely encourage you to pick up a travel guide to Paris. It is a contemporary, whimsical French classic that shows the charm of the old Montmartre district, which is full of cobbled streets, artists, and poetry. Amelie is one of the best films to watch to inspire your wanderlust.

The Bucket List
This is another travel-inspired masterpiece. If you feel like you are missing your spark, watch The Bucket List to feel the passion of a car mechanic Carter Chambers, and a billionaire Edward Cole. Starting from a hospital bed, these two strangers go against the doctor and decide to start the journey to do things they always wanted to do but couldn’t complete. It is a heartwarming movie that also makes you realize how fragile life is.

When wanderlust is high but you are unable to travel, there are films available that capture the essence of traveling to quench your desire. Choosing the best travel-inspired films can be overwhelming as there are lots of choices available and you have all the time to watch your favorite ones. The recommendations listed above are a great start.

Photo by: Vlad Bagacian

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