Essentials to Throw in Your Beach Bag

Essentials to Throw in Your Beach Bag

A trip to the beach is a perfect way to revitalize your body and mind. Beaches are one of the top holiday destinations of many as they are breezy and beautiful. Whether you plan to stay close to home or you are traveling to your dream beach destination, you will need to pack some essentials in your beach bag. While there are some obvious items, following are some essentials that you must carry in your bag.

Protect your eyes. Buying quality, proper sunglasses is a valuable investment in your eyesight health. When purchasing your sunglasses, it is highly recommended that you prioritize quality over price so that you can give your eyes real protection against UVB and UVA rays. Don’t fall for those cheap imitations sold at the beach or available in souvenir stores. Make sure you get the type of sunglasses that come with a rigid case to protect them from getting scratched by other items in your beach bag.

Whether it’s a sunny sky or an overcast, sunscreen is one of the most important things to pack when spending your time on a beach. Experts recommend using sunscreen products that have at least SPF 30 and are water-resistant. Apply the sunscreen every couple of hours, particularly if you are spending an entire day in the sun.

Healthy Snacks and Water
Staying hydrated should be your top priority when you are at the beach. Spending time in the sun is physically draining, so be sure to pack healthy snacks and lots of water bottles in your beach back so you can avoid getting dehydrated and fatigued. Some of the recommended beach snacks you should pack include fresh fruit, such as pineapple and watermelon, granola bars, pretzels, sandwiches and wraps. It also never hurts to throw in a sports drink for extra electrolytes.

A Hat
Don’t forget to pack a cap, hat, or a bandana. Not only do hats shield the sensitive, delicate skin of your face from harsh sunlight, but they also provide protection to the top of your head. Heat strokes are real and wearing a hat is a great way to avoid getting one while you are at the beach. Whether you choose a sporty cap or a fashionable straw hat, it doesn’t matter, as long as you make sure that your head and face are both protected from direct sun rays.

A Good Book to Read
Although most beaches nowadays have Wi-Fi, nothing can beat the unique experience of reading a quality book while listening to soothing sound of crashing waves and sipping your favorite beverage at the beach. Reading a good book by the sea is a great way to spend a long afternoon. So, be sure to throw in your favorite book or novel in your beach bag.

When you are heading off on a beach vacation, it is smart to travel light and take only the most useful stuff with you. Just a little planning can go a long way and the essentials listed above will have you ready in no time.

Photos by: kindel media, Ethan Robertson, Tara Winstead, Mikhail Nilov, Jonathan Borba, Taryn Elliott

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