Destinations Around the World the Hippie in You Will Love

Destinations Around the World the Hippie in You Will Love

Music, art, love, nature, peace, weed, or something just out of the norm. These are the qualities that instantly make you think about the hippie culture. Hippie destinations are all over the world. Some of them are still secret places that only a handful of people know while there are others that are well-known. You can visit them to fulfill your curiosity and enrich your spirituality.

Goa, India
Goa is the ultimate dream of every hippie traveler. Its churches give a bohemian vibe and its beaches offer unlimited beauty. The white sand beaches, local market for shopping, delicious local cuisine, and the relaxed local culture are the most loved areas of Goa. The destination is popular among the hippies because of its rich nightlife but this isn’t its only quality. Goa offers a lot of other attractions suitable for the independent-minded tourist.

Tulum, Mexico
Tulum has been one of the top hippie travel destinations since the growth of the hippie culture. Its tranquil and peaceful ambience has favored it to be the land of the free-spirited. It is a magical blend of charming restaurants, stunning coastlines, and ancient ruins. Add to it the lush green vegetation and white powdery beaches, not to mention the tasty Mexican cuisine, it’s no wonder why Tulum is one of the most visited hippie destinations.

Kathmandu, Nepal
If you wish to experience the beauty of Nepal in the powerful and vast Himalayas, then Kathmandu is the place for you. There are a number of different reasons why the hippies who love to travel choose Kathmandu as their favorite destination. The living and lodging costs here are quite low and there are a lot of local hippy bands that you will love. The people here are very traditional and spiritual. They are very embracing of other religions and cultures.

Glastonbury, England
Glastonbury is well-known for its mythical history, spiritual connections, and music festival. It is a great travel destination for those looking to hike through National Trust parks and explore ancient ruins. The hippie vibe here is best represented by the Green Fields section of the popular Glastonbury Festival. It is full of musicians, artists, and craftsmen in a bid to showcase the hippie way of life.

Negril, Jamaica
Negril is an underrated hippie destination. This is because it is not your traditional hippie place but its stunning long beaches, sunny weather, and laid-back atmosphere will offer the hippie vibe you are looking for. It is filled with many guesthouses, hotels, and bars. If you find it a bit too commercialized, then it is recommended that you visit the beach. You will surely find a spot to enjoy some peace and quiet.
If you think the good old days of hippie movement are over, think again. This culture has always been around and if you wish to live the life of a hippie, you should travel to any of the above-listed destinations around the world.

Photos by: Vasilios Muselimis, Sumit Sourav, Alex Azabache, Volker Meyer, Annie Spratt, rock staar

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