5 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen

5 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice functionality and style. With a little creativity, you can fit everything you need into your kitchen while making the space well-organized that you will enjoy using. Following are 5 ideas that will help you save space in your kitchen.

Use the Top of Your Cabinets
Don’t ignore the spaces on top of your cabinets. Even though things you place there might be out of reach, it is still a valuable place for storage. You could keep emergency chocolate supplies, soft drink boxes, or kitchen roll up there. If you are worried about how it will all look, consider investing in pretty boxes or wicker baskets to keep the space looking tidy on the top of your cabinets.

Consider a Fold-down Table
If you have no space for a dining table or an island, consider installing a fold-down table. A folding table can offer a spot where you can eat or prepare food without taking up valuable floor space. It can also be a perfect idea for a desk that you can easily put away when you are finished working.

Organize Your Under-the-sink Space
Organizing and utilizing the area under your sink is one clever way to maximize your kitchen storage. Under-the-sink space is one of the most under-appreciated areas in the kitchen. For many people, this area is just a messy collection of cleaning products as well as other household items. However, if you organize this space effectively, you will be surprised how much room you will gain.

Use the Insides of Your Cupboard Doors
The inside of kitchen cupboard doors is another area that is often left unused. Instead of leaving that area empty, you can organize your spoons and measuring cups there, hold cutting boards in a magazine rack on the door, build a knife block into the back of the door, store pot covers on the back with inexpensive hooks, and pretty much mount anything to the back for easy access. If you don’t want to store anything, then simply paint the inside of the doors with whiteboard or blackboard paint to keep a weekly meal plan or a running grocery list.

Add Hooks All Over the Place
Don’t overlook the unused wall space in your kitchen. Utilizing the empty walls in a small kitchen can help you save space. Add hooks onto the walls or any other empty space that you find suitable for holding items like lids, utensils, or tea towels. If you are worried about the hooks looking cluttered, try putting them on the back of your cupboard doors so they can stay hidden most of the time.

Small kitchens present various storage and space saving challenges that can be solved with a little creativity. Having enough storage is crucial for any kitchen, particularly if you want one sufficiently equipped for everyday use. The above-listed ideas will help you in this regard.

Photos by: Fred Kleber, Taryn Elliott, Rune Enstad, Daria Shevtsova, Pinterest

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