5 Tips for a Road Trip

5 Tips for a Road Trip

Road trips are a great way to take a break from the mentally taxing and mundane moments in life and as long as you plan well, they are very easy to organize. All you need is a reliable car, an awesome playlist, and a flexible plan to get started. Proper pre-trip planning and know-how is important however because without it, the most amazing road trip can be a bust. To help you in this regard, here are 5 tips you should consider following as they will make your road trip hassle-free and seamless.

Pack Minimally
Pack in advance so that you can save yourself the stress when you are about to depart. What you should pack for your road trip varies greatly depending on the specific type of your journey. However, as a general rule, you should use the minimal approach and pack fewer things. When you travel lighter, your vehicle weights less. This means better gas mileage. So, only take what you need and rid your vehicle of anything bulky and heavy.

Leave the Gadgets at Home
Most people these days are attached to their phones, gadgets, and electronics in unhealthy ways. It’s a cliché but sadly its true. If you want to truly enjoy your road trip, wish to be more present on your journey, and enjoy the moments of digital detox, then it is highly recommended that you leave the gadgets at home. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pack the essential ones, e.g. GPS navigation system, power bank, Bluetooth, etc.

Plan Ahead
Thoroughly plan and decide how much time you are willing to commit to your road trip. This will allow you to determine how many stops to make and how long you can stay at each one. Having an extensive idea of your major stops on your route where your will spend a specific amount of time helps give your trip structure and ensures that you will experience what matters the most in each area.

Enjoy the View
Sightseeing is the most important part of road trips. So, when planning one, take the time to include things to look out at, enjoy the scenery, and even give everyone a chance to stretch the legs. Create a list of pre-planned sightseeing stops to check out local landscape and scenery that you have researched ahead of time. This will help break up your road trip and will give you things to look forward to along the way.

Choose the Right Places to Stay
If you plan to go on a road trip during peak season, then it is highly recommended that you secure some reservations and choose the right places to stay in advance. Lodging, including campsites, book up months in advance and planning for this will make your life much easier once you are on the road. The same is true for popular road trip destinations that have limited accommodations. You should also take the time to decide the key sights that you wish to see and then work your road trip around them.

Road trips are liberating and fun, especially when you leave the gadgets at home and live int the moment. However, exploring new places on such a trip without proper know-how and planning is not advisable. Follow the above-listed guidelines so you can have a great road trip you have always dreamed of.

Photos by: Dino Reichmuth, Marissa Grootes, ovan, Glenn Carstens Peters, Alvin Engler, Jeffrey Eisen

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