5 Reasons We Love Summer

5 Reasons We Love Summer

Summer is one of the four seasons of Earth. During this season, days are really long and warm, while nights are the shortest. There is typically sunshine all day which encourages many people to go outdoors. It is a great season for doing some sports outdoors, doing picnics, spending time with friends and families, and more. While every season has perks that make it special, there is something about summer that makes it superior. Following are 5 reasons why everyone loves it.

It Stays Lighter Longer
During the winter season, it gets dark very early and it can be quite depressing for some. Getting dark as early as 5PM makes you want to just retreat inside, particularly when the darkness comes with the cold. This is not a concern in the summer season. During the summer months, the days are significantly longer and it stays light much, much later into the day. Longer days mean you get more time to plan out fun activities till late in the evening.

Salty Sea Breezes
With the warm summer weather comes the amazing salty sea breezes. During this season, you have lots of moments when you can really breathe in and fill your lungs with pure, fresh air. There is real scientific evidence that breathing sea air and/or spending some time at the beach offers various health benefits. This is a major excuse to visit the beach during summer.

The summer months are a great time for vacations. Longer days allow you to thoroughly plan activities for outdoor fun. Furthermore, the likelihood of getting sick is much less and there are more chances to have a quality time with friends and family. If you are a student or a teacher, then you know the summer season means your longest vacation of the year. While you also get a few weeks off during the winter season, it doesn’t really compare with the longer vacations offered in the summer months.

Summer Fruits
While there are wide variety of fruits in other seasons, summer has the best offerings. All summer fruits are refreshing to eat. From watermelon to peaches to cherries, there is no shortage of juicy, delicious fruit to shop when the summer season arrives. All these flavorful fruits are like summer’s candy, something that you simply cannot get enough.

Warm Weather
The warm summer weather is amazing. It is the kind of weather that encourages everyone to just get out and enjoy. It is the weather that lets you actually go into the water at the beach without worrying about getting frozen or sick. Warm temperatures and sunny skies make our environment a pleasant place. Not to mention they provide some amazing benefits to our health as well.

These are the top reasons why everyone loves summer. This is the season that brings everyone together and gets you out of the house. The insanely good vibes are the best thing about summer.

Photos by: Ylanite Koppens, pixabay, Wendy Wei, perfecto capucine, Jo Sonn, Rebeca Gonçalves 

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