5 Perfect Places to Travel Alone for the First Time

5 Perfect Places to Travel Alone for the First Time

Deciding to travel solo for the first time can be quite an overwhelming experience. There are many things to consider and the most important one is choosing a travel destination. As a first-time solo traveler, you will want someplace that is the safest and bit less extreme. Fortunately, there is no shortage of such destinations. Following are the 5 perfect places that are ideal for first-time solo travelers.

1. Italy
Not only is Italy one of the most romantic places on earth, but it is also one of the top places to travel by yourself if you love stunning scenery, food, wine, art, architecture, and history. There are lots of things to see and do here. You can visit iconic sites, e.g. the Colosseum in Rome or Mark’s Square in Venice as well as enjoy the amazing local cuisine. There are various tours offered by local experts that allow you to spend your free days however you please.

2. Portugal
Widely-spoken English and budget-friendly prices are just a couple of factors that make Portugal a perfect place to travel alone for the first time. The country is filled with countless architectural gems and stunning beaches that attract tourists from around the globe. There are a lot of fun, unique activities to choose from. You can take in relaxing Douro River views in Porto, learn to make traditional Portuguese dishes during a Lisbon cooking class, savor sea views from a fortress in the Algarve, tour a cork factory in Evora, and more.

3. Switzerland
Switzerland is one of the easiest and safest places to navigate. You cannot go wrong with stunning mountain views, the beautiful architecture, and quaint coffee shops that are in abundance in this country. Buy a Swiss Travel Pass to enjoy the gorgeous views of the country by train. You will travel past crystal-clear lakes, lush forests, and stunning waterfalls. Don’t forget to hike the Alps, drink Swiss wine, and visit medieval castles. There are so many amazing things to explore here that you will wish to plan another solo trip immediately.

4. Spain
Thanks to the prevalence of friendly hostels and other solo tourists, a visit to Spain is a great way to travel alone for the first time. Compared to many other countries, Spain is quite affordable. Every region of this country has its own vibrant, distinctive culture, which means you can spend months going on an unforgettable adventure and never get bored. From spectacular beaches and delicious culinary options to world-famous museums and architecture, Spain is hard to beat.

5. Norway
Traveling alone for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience but Norway makes it safer and easier. It is one of the safest countries in the world. The locals in Norway are welcoming to travelers and public transportation is generally safe in major cities and towns. Be sure to plan some affordable day trips to rural areas to discover winding fjords and towering mountain peaks. Oslo, the capital city of Norway, should also be on your bucket list. It is full of convenient transport links, tasty food, and comfortable accommodations. With plenteous historical landmarks, galleries, and museums to visit, you will never get bored in Norway.

Solo travel offers something for everyone. If you are traveling alone for the first time and looking for safe, fun, and friendly destinations, start with the above-listed recommendations.

Photos by: Ramiro Ramiro, Caleb Miller, Michael Giugliano, H. Emre, Aleksandar Pasaric, Christoffer Engstrom

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